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Nathan Rivers: Crime Fiction Author

London Crime

"As a crime fiction author; research is very important to me and the website provides everything i need: History, biographies, DVD's and access to the works of many other quality crime fiction authors. London crime has a great team behind it and has become a great resource.

I wish them all every success."

Nathan Rivers

London's history of Crime and gangsters has held peoples fascination for decades as it is an intriguing, gritty, sometimes gruesome and a very captivating subject. If you love the often publicised and romanticised history behind London's Gangster underworld, or if you just want to find a place where you can find London gangster movies, London based fiction, or take a browse through a slice of London gangster history, then you need to go no further than us.

We have top autobiographies from well known London Gangsters, and if you want to learn more about the Hatton garden heist, Brinks-matt, bank robberies, or gain an insight into the lives of the Kray twins, Billy Hill, Freddie Foreman, the Richardsons and many more, then stay a while and take a look around! We are adding books, films and info for all fans of London gangland history.

Our intention is not to glamourise crime, as a team, we firmly believe that Crime belongs in history and Fiction. This site is not about the London crime news of today, other news sites can do that! we are behind some great organisations that are aiming to reduce knife crime in the capital and beyond. Crime can have a devastating affect on it's victim's and ruins the lives of families of both the victim's and the criminals, often leaving mental health issues in everyone involved (not something to be proud of).

We showcase some fantastic british gangster movies, documentaries, fact,(check out the A TO Z) fiction and non fiction books, gifts and areas that you can research London's underbelly of crime, the gangsters of past and present!

We at do not condone criminal activity, we are a team from a variety of backgrounds, and you can read more about us here we fully support all of the London Police areas with their continuing mission to make the streets of London safe, an extremely tough job!

Supporting the Best in Indie authors We bring you the best thriller books, crime fiction books, and if you are looking for a biography from some of the top underworld names, then you are in the right place! We at London crime have developed some great relationships with some terrific authors of London based crime fiction books, with some of our book pages giving an insight into the fascinating backgrounds and lives of these great authors. Look for "A word from the author" on the fiction pages! (We also include links to the Twitter pages of the authors so you can show them your support directly through Twitter!) We promote London based books from some amazing independant authors as well as London based true crime books that are written by the people that have lived the life in the London Underworld! Look out also for books about our London Police to get an understanding of life on the thin blue line! We are also hoping to bring a range of the best free e-books and kindle books to add to your collection.

London Cinema listings not giving what you want? Then Ditch the Cinema and watch the best films at home! Do you like British crime or gangster movies? looking for any particular London films? Nothing good on at the cinema? It's usually the case that some of the best films don't actually get to the cinema and some great films can be missed because the films go straight to DVD or digital streaming services. You can check london cinema listings to find nothing that interest you, as I have regularly checked at a cinema near me and there is rarely anything of interest. But if you are prepared to forego the cinema, check out our film pages, buy some popcorn, and check out the great london gangster thriller films that are out now on dvd or digital downloads! Settle in to your own home cinema (where no one makes you stand up 'cos they need a wee!)and watch some of the best london based films that you won't see at the cinema! Are you a keen crime DVD collector? Then hopefully you will find films and documentaries that you may have missed within our listings. Do you want to watch some good London based British crime films now? Check out the films page to look at what is available to stream now or download for viewing later. Check out the Dvds on the films pages, some of these are available for streaming now! And they really are some top london based films and documentaries!

Places to visit, great days out, research!

We take a totally unbiassed view of London's crime history, the historic places, people and links to sites full of information/history, we also show you where to visit that you may or may not have heard of! Take the London underground and tour underground London! Set yourself up for some amazing days out in London , you can check out the places to visit first to ensure you plan your day well in advance. Visiting London Doesn't have to be all about the popular tourism stuff and tourist attractions, but you can spend considerable time doing alternative tourist attractions and other terrific things to do on your visit.Check out "Gangstertours", the best open top bus sightseeing tour in London, a London day trip with a difference!

We make no judgement, we do provide links to websites of interest, an A to Z (Which will go into some in-depth articles about London Crime History and people), plus books or dvds of relevance, we leave it to you to decide on the guilt or innocence of any of the cases on this site. You may not be aware of some of the stories, so if old london criminal history and gangsters is something that intrigues and fascinates and you want to research, you will find plenty of links to news articles, websites of interest, youtube videos, books and dvds to satisfy the enquiring mind.